Your Plumbing Problem May Be A Septic System Problem!

Your Plumbing Problem May Be A Septic System Problem! There are a number of symptoms that indicate a septic tank problem instead of a plumbing problem. The first septic system problem to notice is a slow or clogged drain. If you notice that your drains take a long time to empty, you should call us at Hemley's Septic to look at your system. If you are on a septic system a slow drain, a clogged sink or tub/shower, or gurgling noises are NOT necessarily a [...]

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How To Choose The Best Septic Cleaning Company In Kitsap & Thurston County WA

How to Choose the Best Septic Tank Cleaning Service for Kitsap County If you're looking for a septic tank cleaning service in Kitsap County and Bremerton, WA, you may want to start by comparing the services of each local company offers. Each company has its strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to choose a company that can deliver on these key aspects. Hemley's Septic Service has been serving the Kitsap Peninsula area since 1965 and is the area's most reliable, capable, and respected businesses. It [...]

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5 Symptoms That Your Septic System in Pierce, Kitsap or Thurston County Needs Cleaning

Some Symptoms That You May Not Immediately Recognize The first and most noticeable symptom is backed up drains. Similarly, gurgling sounds are heard in your pipes. These are usually accompanied by a weak toilet flush and slow drainage. When all these symptoms are present, it is time to have your septic tank cleaned. You can begin to feel the need for a professional cleaning by following these easy steps. Follow these tips to know when your septic tank needs cleaning.gurgling drains There are 5 primary [...]

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How Does A Septic Tank Work In Kitsap, Pierce, or Thurston County?

We've all heard the term 'septic tank' and some of us know we have one attached to our house... but do you know how your septic tank works? A septic tank is an essential part of a home wastewater disposal system. It treats wastewater to remove solids and other contaminants. These may be from the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area. Solids will settle into a thick sludge layer or float to the surface as scum. The water left behind will be treated further. Septic tanks [...]

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IMPORTANT Septic System Maintenance Secrets! (Call for help! 253-851-3432)

When you buy a car, you are given an owner's manual with instructions on how to care for your car. Septic systems can cost as much or more than a car, and generally rarely do you receive a manual when they are installed. Some people purchasing an existing property don't even realize they have a septic system! As a result, many septic systems fail unnecessarily. (Call for help! 253-851-3432) The Price for Failure is SteepThe price for failure is steep in two ways. More than [...]

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Septic Pumping Fantasies And Mistakes To Avoid

Septic Pumping Fantasies And Mistakes To Avoid When it comes to Septic Tank Pumping Systems Inspections septic pumping and cleaning, property owners have fantasies and mistakes that ruin the functionality and lifespan of their systems. A septic tank should be pumped out regularly to avoid drain field failure and costly repairs. Essentially, pumping and cleaning a septic tank too frequently leads to wasting money. These are just some of the things that property owners should consider when dealing with septic tank cleaning and pumping. In [...]

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Septic Tank Pump Out & Cleaning – How Much Does It Cost?

Septic Tank Pump Out & Cleaning – How Much Does It Cost? On average, the cost of septic tank pump out and cleaning is $385. However, most homeowners spend between $282 and $525. If you go for more than 5 years without pumping out your tank, you will eventually start seeing standing water over your drain field or wet areas. Toilets will start running slowly and odors will fill your home. These are signs that you need help of septic tank cleaners like Hemley’s Septic. [...]

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